In the following text, we recommend the most appropriate way to familiarize yourself with the Z-Control System.

We recommend to work out the individual steps in a row, starting with the data stored on the Z-Processor Board Application 1 - USB controller. Here is the connection of the starter kits I described to the PC and the use of the Z-terminal program.

The next steps lead through the application 2 (USB Radio Controller with Starter Kit II), Application 3 (thermometer with StarterKit I) and Application 4 (Radio Controller with Starter Kit II). These applications are available on the website for download. Here the Flash Programmer and the Z-Programmer module is used.

The last step is the description of the program the Z-processor with its own application using the Embedded Workbench Kickstart 8051, the translation software provided by IAR.

Applikation 1 - USB Controller

Applikation 2 - Remote USB Controller

Applikation 3 - Thermometer

Applikation 4 - Radio Controller

Applikation 5 - DotNet Terminal



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